'At Home' seasonal Displays

This gallery showcases devotional displays that have been made in people's homes during Easter, Pentecost, Harvest and Advent 2020.

There are 18 photos for this gallery.
Jacqui & Jen's Holy Week Display Susan's Holy Week Display Tony's Holy Week Display
Sandra's Good Friday Basket Sandra's Easter Day Basket Lesley & Peter's Holy Week and Easter Display
Kay's Easter Display Heather & Doreen's Easter Display Jacqui & Jen's Easter to Pentecost timeline
Tony's Easter to Pentecost Display Table Display Easter to Pentecost by Kay Sandra's Easter to Pentecost Display
Heather & Doreen's Pentecost timeline in a circle! Jacqui & Jen's Harvest Display 2020 Aileen from Blakeney Harvest Display
Sheila & Elizabeth from Tittleshall's Harvest Display Sandra from Swaffham's Harvest Display Harvest from Heather at Hingham