Church & Project events 2022

This album contains a selection of photos from different churches, projects, and circuit events in the calendar year 2022.

There are 22 photos for this gallery.
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Rev Rosemary Wakelin's 90th Birthday The presentation to Rev Rosemary Wakelin on February 6th. Dedication of the 'Pilgrim Assembly' painting at Blakeney
Tea in the new Blakeney lounge Card-making in Watton Methodist Centre Mothering Sunday in Tittleshall on March 27th
Rose Window at Holt (above the 1980's roof) Rev Jacqui gave her presentation on the life of Jane Austen in Swaffham The President of Conference visited the Hive at Great Cressingham
Conversation inside the Hive Giving the President lunch at Swaffham Group photo at Blakeney Pilgrim Church and Project
Looking at Blakeney's Community Garden In the pulpit at Walsingham Methodist Church Book Launch at Walsingham
Craft Afternoon at Watton in May Mosaic Workshop in Swaffham Pauline with her triangle
The triangles made at the Mosaic Workshop on June 4th Trinity Sunday with Deacon Jen at Litcham Mindful Celtic Colouring at Blakeney
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